Kits - Small Eggs
Our Kits are unique designs and includes everything necessary to make the egg as shown in picture
Blue Birds with Tulips
A small Goose Egg use to make a nest for two love birds nesting.
Price: $45.00
Spring Bird House
A Banny Egg in a spring setting with a small bird.
Price: $20.00
Winter Bird House
A Banny Egg in a winter setting with a Cardinal Bird.
Price: $20.00
Christmas Drums
A Goose Egg
Price: $38.00
Christmas Bells
A Goose Egg
Price: $38.00
Honey Heaven
A small egg turned into a Bee Hive.
Price: $45.00
A small Duck Egg with a swan that sits on a lake.
Price: $50.00
Spring Time On The Lake
A Goose with a raised scene on outside of egg.
Price: $85.00
Tiny Carousel
A Goose Egg made into a carousel with 4 tiny carousel horses.
Price: $90.00
Monroe Bunnie
A Goose Egg Decorated with Swarovski Rhinestones and Bunnies inside.
Price: $85.00
Santa's Express
A Goose Egg in a Winter Setting and a Sleigh & Reindeer.
Price: $60.00
A Goose Egg with Rhineston and Pearls around the front opening with handmade silk roses, inside is an Victorian Lady.
Price: $135.00